No Limits Media is launching a multi-year campaign to stop the epidemic of violence against people with disabilities.

The event takes place at the Grand Circle Gallery, 347 Congress St, Boston, on Thursday October 23, 2014 from 6:30-9:30 p.m.

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Your generous contribution will help:

  • Expand the “Three Times the Violence” documentary to 30 min, so it can be aired on PBS.
  • Create a film about the Boston Ballet’s Adaptive Dance program.
  • Support the campaign to make violence against people with disabilities a federal hate crime.
  • Develop a media event to celebrate the American for Disabilities Act’s 25th anniversary.

About our campaign

The Department of Justice for 2012 estimated that 1.3 million people with disabilities were raped, sexually assaulted, robbed and beaten. That is a rate nearly three times that of the general population. Among people with developmental disabilities, 90 percent will experience sexual abuse and 49 percent will experience ten or more incidents.

This shocking situation must end for our most vulnerable fellow citizens. Boston showed the country and the world how a community can rally to support the victims of the Marathon bombing of April 2013. The city must lead the way again to end the violence against people with disabilities.

No Limits Media has joined with Professors Jack Levin and Bill Lancaster of Northeastern University to produce a groundbreaking documentary called Three Times the Violence, which for the first time raises awareness about this problem to a national and professional audience.

Some of the evening’s events:

  • Peter Frates is the creator of the national sensation the Ice Bucket Challenge that raised more than $100 million dollars to combat ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)
  • Amy Purdy is a double amputee, a Paralympic Bronze winner at the Sochi Games in Russia in 2014 and the second place finisher on the 2014 version of Dancing with the Stars. She is touring with Oprah Winfrey in the fall of 2014.
  • Auti Angel is a star of the Sundance Channel’s reality series Push Girls about five women who are paralyzed who live in Los Angeles. The Daily Beast called the series “eye opening, powerful and emotionally nuanced.”
  • Cris Melendez is a former Army sergeant who served in Afghanistan and was awarded a Purple Heart. A single leg amputee, he now is wrestling professionally for TNA Wrestling which is aired on Spike TV.
  • Improv/Boston including Jonathan Katz who has Multiple Sclerosis, and is the Emmy-winning creator of the television show Dr. Katz.
  • Three Times the Violence
  • Ice Warriors
  • The Sharps’ War is a soon-to-air PBS documentary about the saving of Jewish children by the grandparents of No Limits co-founder Artemis Joukowsky, who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Artemis and Ken Burns are the film’s producers.
  • Girlfriend is an award winning film about a young man with Down Syndrome produced by No Limits board member Tiffany Pham.
  • My Gimpy Life is an award-winning series of short films about an actress in a wheelchair trying to find work in Hollywood. Its star and creator is Teal Sherer, who is paralyzed.
  • The Last Taboo is an award winning documentary by Alex Freeman, a No Limits artist-in-residence who has Cerebral Palsy. The film deals with intimacy concerns among people with disabilities.
  • Boston Ballet’s acclaimed adaptive dance program for children and adults with Down Syndrome and autism will be shown in a short film. No Limits will be creating a full length film based on the program.