The Genetics Of Hope

Filmmakers Cray Novick, Gareth Burghes, and Artemis Joukowsky have been working on this documentary project for the past few years and the film is now released. Throughout the filming process we documented moments we never could have dreamed of. We witnessed the release of the first ever treatments for Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and saw how in some cases these treatments completely stopped the progression of the disease. We are so grateful to you, and to all of the doctors, researchers, patients, and families that have been involved in this journey. Please read on for more info, and to stream the film!

Access to DNA mapping sparked a revolution that forever changed the arc of medicine. It set in motion the scientific journey of top genetic doctors and researchers, rare disease patients and family advocates rallying to create and implement a breakthrough genetic therapy, Spinraza.

After a lifetime of research, new treatments are healing the human genome in revolutionary ways. Deepening the viewer’s understanding of life and death, The Genetics of Hope explores the complex reality of defying genetic fate and what a cure could mean for the world.