The Gift – Book

The Gift is a book about the meaning of life and how we find our “gifts” in our challenges. The book reframes the language around disability to show how we are all differently abled with unique challenges and abilities.

This is a book about possibilities, and about how possibilities become realities.

This is a book about dreams and the dreamers who make those dreams come true.

This is a book about people who live in every town and city – a lawyer, a doctor, a beauty contest winner, a veterinarian, a community activist, a businessman, an athlete, a singer, and a scientist. This is a book about new words becoming applied to people who have never heard those words applied to them before, words like: innovative, creative, competitive, cool, beautiful, tough, winner.

This, then, is a book about people with disabilities who have defined themselves not by their disability but by their abilities, by the special gifts they bring to the world, by the achievements they have caused to come into existence.