A Documentary Film produced by No Limits Media

Alex’s POV is a documentary about Alex Freeman, a creative person with a disability who uses art to deal with his life. Alex has severe cerebral palsy, which makes physical effort and communication exceptionally difficult. The movie, produced by No Limits Media, depicts how Alex struggles to make himself understood as he attempts to become a filmmaker.

The documentary focuses on Edgar Allen Poe’s great poem “The Raven.” Alex has been fascinated by it since he first read it in the 6th grade. “To me “The Raven” is the story of losing a loved one – in this case my own control and my own body,” he says. Alex identifies with the poem’s narrator, “Edgar,” who sinks into despair over the loss of “Lenore.” The documentary shows that Edgar and Lenore are simultaneous aspects of Alex.

Alex’s POV weaves together the behind-the-scenes story of Alex directing his movie, along with scenes and stories of the project’s creation, his communication struggles with the creative team, and an exploration of the special needs, challenges and triumphs that all participants have while bringing Alex’s vision to life. But the movie asks: Can Alex, even with the help of NLM, transcend his disability and become the artist he dreams of being?

In the years since that film, Alex has answered that question with a resounding YES. For his work as writer, co-producer, co-director and editor of I Care: A Documentary About Independent Living, Alexander was one of only three filmmakers with disabilities selected internationally for the Very Special Arts 2010 AFI-Discovery SILVERDOCS Apprenticeship program for his submission and was chosen for Official Selection at the 2013 Picture This Film Festival. He also directed two other films, Meet Annabelle, also an Official Selection of the Picture This Film Festival, and The Last Taboo.